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Our Planet is much more Mobile today than ever. Consumers are constantly online and it's increasingly difficult to reach them via traditional channels such as TV, Radio and Web. In 2013 there have been over 6 billion vouchers. With increasing penetration of cellular phones to the many rural places, cellular networks cover over 90 percent of the planet's inhabitants. Availability, affordability and ubiquity create the cell phone an important platform for retail advertising and business to client communication.
The cellular phone is now the newest"must Have" for any serious"innovative" marketing endeavor.  As a result of rapidly expanding capabilities of smartphones, there's a misconception that'primitive' technologies like SMS isn't up to the job at hand. The fact is far from it. 
Most manufacturers today select SMS as a must-have.  When planning their mobile approach. One reason behind that is that while there are 1 billion tablets, there are 5 billion attribute telephones. These phones have built in SMS capability.
• 6 billion coupons globally.
• Mobile operators pay over 90 percent of earth.
• Consumers are constantly on the move. (Increasingly Difficult to reach them via conventional channels)
• All cellular phones support SMS. (Smartphones and feature telephones )
• SMS doesn't require data links or programs.
• SMS is cost effective and omnipresent.
• Mobile is the most personal station.  SMS is immediate and direct.
• SMS includes a higher open speed than any other classic alternate. (E-mail)
• Mobile SMS provides are far more often than any other kind of offer. (Prints, net etc..)
• Consumers take their cell phone and use it for regular tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
• SMS is saved in user's phone whether they participate with the message later.
• MMA: 91 percent of Cell Phone users have their telephones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (ie also sleep with all the telephones )
• AT&T: 88 percent of customers watch the 2nd display (mobile) while viewing TV
• MMA: 43 percent of customers use mobile as their main search tool
• SinglePoint: 90 percent of all text messages have been read over 3 minutes of being obtained on the Cell Phone 
• Mobile Marketing Watch: Mobile marketing advertising spend grew more than 100% in 2013.
• Responsys: Virtually 2/3 of customers subscribed to cellular marketing indicate they have made a purchase as a result of getting an extremely relevant message.
• Venture Beat: The available speed of SMS is 98 percent compared with 22% for mails.
• Cellit: Text messages may be 8x more capable of engaging clients.
• eMarketer: Mobile provides / SMS Coupons are redeemed 10x more often than printing offers.
Outbound SMS is a quick and reliable way to transfer huge quantities of SMS messages on a worldwide scale. By employing enterprise messaging programs, businesses can send advertising campaigns, notifications, promotions and exclusive offers, raising brand recognition, customer acquisition, customer retention and forcing sales.
Inbound SMS makes it possible for companies to internationally receive SMS messages from customers, engaging their target market, increasing customer loyalty, retention and reactivation by initiating 2-way communicating with the user via Inbound Marketing.
Attain +7 Billion readers 
The most personal channel SMS is immediate and direct.
SMS has a higher open speed than any other classic alternate.
6 To 8 greater involvement rates compared to email. 45 percent click through rate of URLs.  Mobile SMS provides are redeemed 10x more often than any other kind of offer.
90 percent of SMS is read in 3 minutes.  
SMS demands no information.
SMS is saved in user's phone whether they participate with the message later.
According to renewable technologies 100% payable 
All cellular phones support SMS (smart phones, multimedia and feature telephones ).
SMS is economical.
Reach clients in the immediate, personal and immediate manner, Using Outbound SMS. From protected messaging, mission-critical trades, Marketing alarms and support alarms, incorporate SMS performance  To your company solutions, sites and mobile programs. Connect to Our carrier-grade systems and unlock business messaging delivery to 7billion readers of 1000+ cellular operators.